So here is the thing. Sometimes I can't blog. The thoughts are in my head and I can easily put them on paper but I don't because quite frankly...it would be too much for your eyes. Too much information and so I have to put it on paper in my journal. Hope that makes sense but somethings have to remain secret especially since this is my BLOG, and the people who read may often actually KNOW ME.

I've got few things going on some I'll bounce aroun a little in my latest post.

First things first. The twins started high school today. I've got a mixture of sadness because they are growing up, happiness because they looked so mature going off this morning, worry because I hate the fact that 14's go to school with 18's, excitement because of what the next few years have in store, terror because of what the next few years have in store.

Yesterday one of the twins left his wallet on the dresser. I picked it up to put a few dollars in it for him and found a condom in there. Lord Jesus Help Me! Funny, to be quite honest I already knew what it was about. I didn't panic for more than 2 minutes because I know my kids and I knew there was no reason from it. Especially from THAT particular kid. All of them for that matter are not out of my site much. I still wanted to here the explanation. "Mom, all of my friends have a condom in their wallet, it's just there. You know me" was the statement I heard. "You go everywhere with me, if I'm not on the court at school or on the field I'm next to you. I don't have a girlfriend and you said we should be abstinent until we get married" (at the last comment he starts laughing). I smirked at him sideways and walked out of the room. Funny, deep down I knew it, I just wanted to hear him say it.

Next thing - I'll be short and sweet. It hurts when you realize that the world, friends, marriage, people, love, etc. isn't what you thought it was and that just because you give does not mean you'll always receive in return. Life is funny like that and I'm dealing with it. It's a subject I'll have to come back to at another time.

The Olympics are here. I've been watching mostly basketball and swimming but my favorite begins today! Bring on the track and field. Tyson Gaye is truly a athlete's kind of athlete. He is humble and passionate. I truly hope that he wins his gold.

Finally, I'm working on getting back to my happy place. My head is twisted right now. Life is not always honey and happy quotes.

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