Twin Love

So, the twins...they are adjusting well to high school but I feel "the change" coming on. The change as in "I no longer am interested in adults because we are clearly more superior" attitude beginning to form. Particularily in Twin A. He is "smelling" himself to no end. His whole attitude is "I have no time for you unless you can do something for me". I'm doing my very best to keep him grounded, to make him aware of this new found attitude and to remind him that he need not bite the hand that feeds him. He isn't rude, disrespectful or obnoxious by any means. It's simply...something we've noticed. No more kisses goodnight unless I go in and prop myself on his bed and then I sort of feel as if I've entered "his space" (which leads me to my next topic). He is still helpful around the house, he simply does what is asks then goes back to texting, myspace, ipod...anything to be out of touch or distant. I know he's growing up but it still hurts my feelings that I have to have a dollar in hand, the possibility of an interesting place to go and something in it for him, or some good gossip to even get his attention lately. Go figure.

On another note - "The Change" has trickled down to the twins wanting their own room. I walked around sullen for about 2 days and refused to respond to the requests for the last 3 months but I finally gave in last week and allowed Twin B to move into his own room. He was so excited he was up until 2 am moving his things out and setting up, his spot. He didn't even care that Twin A had the tv and cable. I walked in "his room" to find him staring up at the ceiling, eating a bag of Sour Cream and Onion Ruffles and listening to the radio with the best smile on his face and the cleanest room in the house. He says it's his twin's fault the room was always messy and I agreed readily that he was the neater one until I went back upstairs to find that Twin A has spent a week with an immaculate room as well, complete with vaccuum lines on the floor. So now I have no idea who the "real" culprit of the dirty room was or if it was simply too much stuff in one cozy room. I smiled yesterday when I came home and found them downstairs in the same room. One on the floor, one on the bed cracking jokes. I'm hoping that will never change.

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