Life Continues

Funny thing about going through life's changes is how we as mothers seem to work through disappointment, sadness, frustration etc.
We, simply put, busy overselves. I've been so busy lately that I think I'm honestly making myself sick at times. Yesterday, well this week, I've been a lunatic. At times, I think I've been moving faster than the speed of light. The more my brain is going the less time to think. Well, kind of. At night, usually 2 am, I'm up and walking the floor or laying in bed staring at the ceiling. Lately I've even retreated to my closet for a talk with God. Yesterday being the first day of school, gave me a bit of an outlet with the amount of homework that the boys brought home. I was shocked at a 2 hour homework night on the first day of school. I also discovered just how much I've forgotten about Alegebra and Hypothesis Theories. I'm taking a big sigh right now.

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