My Daddy

Today is a special day. It is the birthday of the man who has been there since the beginning for me. My first crush, my role model, the most intelligent man I know on this entire planet. I remember as a little girl my daddy, a navy man, would go away on duty for months at a time and I could always count on him to bring me something special when he came home. My favorite present was a metal (maybe aluminum) ferris wheel with a music box inside. The wheel turned and I'd fill up the seats with paper people and lay in my bedroom floor and play with it for hours. Christmas was always fun in my house. My daddy and his buddies would slave away all evening in that garage putting together all the wonderful gifts my mom bought and do their best to work in silence, drink their beer and figure out the directions to that pink barbie house. Somewhere around my tween (between, 10-13 years old) years my daddy was filled with the gift of the holy spirit. When he became a man of God he inhaled it fully, dove into it with every part of his body and drank the word of the Lord. I'd come home from school and he would be surrounded by books, different versions of the bible, tapes, articles. On his head would be headphones listening to a message while in his hand was a notepad and pen taking notes. My daddy, a quiet man, until you land on a subject that he knows about. I always have adored that about him. If he doesn't know, he simply remains quiet, with that thoughtful look on his face, as if he is analyzing every word you are saying. Deciphering it for later so that he can go back and study and make sure that what you said was accurate. My daddy, the person who had confidence in me. He didn't protect me from the world. He's known me all along. He knew that he couldn't save me from my mistakes but instead has always been there to help pick me up when I fell and he knew I'd land on my feet. The kindness in his eyes has cannot be mistaken yet his sense of humor will literally make you fall down on the floor with laughter. Not everyone knows that side. Only us special people. I am so honored to have been chosen to have this wonderful man as my daddy. There is nothing in this world more special than having a daddy who has always come through, never let me down, will go to the ends of the earth for his grandchildren. Love you daddy and Happy Birthday!


  1. This was my best BD present ever!!! I am typing this through tears. Love you. Dad

    p.s. You should be a writer.

  2. There is nothing quite like the strong presence of a good father in a woman's life. It shapes the person she becomes, and outlines the way she will handle life's many ups and downs. I find that in that particular post I learned a lot about you, and the strength that is beneath the surface and often hidden...a strength that you shouldn't be afraid to exert every now and then (you know when).

    I was touched, and even giggled a time or two, because I didn't think anybody loved their daddy like that but me...lol!

    Very nice tribute, and Happy Belated to a man who obviously raised a great daughter.