Maria Endorses Obama

California First Lady Maria Shriver was the surprise guest this weekend at the Oprah Winfrey/Caroline Kennedy/ Michelle Obama UCLA rally. She came out officially to endorse Barack Obama. When I saw this on the news my mouth dropped open! You go mama!!!! She said she was standing not because she was cousins with Caroline Kennedy or because she she was friends with Oprah. She said if Barack were a state he'd be California! Her husband officially announced his endorsement of John McCain last week...as I knew he would. My husband and I don't always agree on everything but this is the height of different sides now isn't it. I believe that Maria has shown courage and judgement. She is absluetly correct (IMHO) regarding her endorsement and it underlines that "something is happening here!". I love that the Schwarzenegger household's ideology that it consists of a husband and a wife who think for themselves, regardless of stereotypes or party affliliation. Maria is not just "Arnold's wife". She is a journalist, a mother, the First lady of California and a proud Democrat who happens to be intelligent, independent-minded and yes...a Kennedy. The momentum continues to build. If Barack can carry California, I think he will be our nominee. His inspiration is astonishing. Only one mention of "Clinton" in my thoughts for today. Yesterday during a speech at a black church he said "All my life I wanted to vote for a woman, all my life I wanted to vote for an african american, God answered my prayers" Amen....tomorrow's decision is important. Please remember to take part. Your vote does count.

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