Work to do

Evidently I've missed something in our parental training in regards to "respecting the game" of basketball. Respect period. It looks as if I will have to start from the drawing board. This is a work in progress once the kids get to 14 years old. I don't remember having this problem until this year and it sickens me for my children to be disrespectful even if they don't like a ref's call. Last night was not our night. The school team played a team that shouldn't have been anywhere near us score-wise but or defense was lazy, passes were poor and our guards (jalen and jordan) left ALOT to be desired. In fact, my opinion is that they stunk up the place. We worked from behin a little in the first half and the other team actually got excited. They hit jumpers, threes and had lots of steal. Granted I'd never seen referrees this bad since, last weekend :-). The other team was allowed to travel most of the game, double dribble, carry and such. Jalen started it off with telling the ref that his man was traveling. The referrees reply was "dont talk to me, it wasn't a travel". Jalen's response "yes, he's traveling" the ref stopped the game and told the coach tell his player not to talk to him. Next came a flurry of uncalled fouls, pushes, trips from the other team followed by Jordan yelling "that's a ____ foul" to the ref. He "T'd" him up. I was so upset with him (my son) that I watched the rest of the game with disgust. I nor anyone else knew what was said. In fact I had to ask after the game but I knew "something" was said that warranted a test. After the game I made them both go shake hands and apologize to the referee after the game. I made sure to discuss it with them on the way home but also made sure they knew why...and IF it happened again basketball wouldn't be an option.


  1. Parenting is an every day JOB and often difficult,especially at that age and in this day and time. But you are doing a wonderful job.

  2. I feel your pain! I don't think I've been tested quite so much as a parent until recently. Not necessarily with attitudes, but rather trying to make sure I reach all of them where they are individually. I understand your frustration with the boys for their comments, and while it is important to remind them of how they speak to people, it is important to not thwart their voice. They need to speak up for themselves when something is not right. Obviously the manner was inappropriate, which is where you come in, teaching them how to express themselves in a way that makes people listen without being offended.

    I love your phrase "A work in progress," as we all are. Keep working girl...you're doing great!