Top 6 Sports "Whiners" or Preferably Mama's Boys

1. Pedro Martinez
New York Mets. Even though everyone knew he already had a fragile physique because of a long laundry list of injuries in the past, he added a new dimension with a weak mental build as well.Throughout his career in Boston, Martinez came and went as he pleased, yelled at booing fans and ignored the media for minor slights. While his Hall of Fame talent is unquestioned, Martinez has always been a high maintenance complainer.

2. Jeff Gordon
NASCAR. There is a way to complain and have your qualms taken seriously -- then there's Jeff Gordon's method. Gordon always has something to nag about, especially when he doesn’t finish well in a race. Listeners can only take so much before his claims get tiresome.Jeff has openly acknowledged his nit-picking reputation, but has yet to acknowledge that he doesn’t take responsibility for failure. With Jeff, blame is generally pointed in an outgoing direction and nothing seems to be his fault. He’s a proven winner and arrogance typically goes hand-in-hand with that type of success.

3. Barry Bonds
San Francisco GiantsA side effect of steroids is feminization of the body. Regardless of whether it originates from the use of performance enhancing drugs or not, Barry has always had a feminine side to him, admittedly received from his mother.While he has cranked home runs at a pace like no other player, his feminine characteristics always seem to creep up off the field. Start the violin music while Bonds often sounds off on things that hurt his feelings once a microphone is placed in front of his face. His complaints run from rude fans that really bother him, to the media’s negative portrayal of his image. Once, in a post-game interview, he admitted that he sometimes cries in his hotel room because of the loneliness.

4. Kobe Bryant
Los Angeles Lakers. This one was hard for me as I am TRULY a Kobe fan. Whether it’s the basketball, attention or credit, Kobe prefers to take it all for himself. He couldn’t handle sharing a steady dose of championships and one of America’s largest cities with Shaq and has not been able to succeed on his own without giving constant critiscm to those around him.Bryant seems to want players who will help him win games, but not players who are going to cut into his spotlight when the team wins. His childlike behavior -- as well as his one-time threat to sign with cross-town rival, the Los Angeles Clippers -- that make Bryant a whiner, even though a notable winner.

5. Eli Manning
New York Giants. It didn’t take long for Eli's immaturity to show when he refused to suit up for the San Diego Chargers and forced a draft-day trade to the New York Giants. Eli, who was the ultimate mama's boy in the Manning family, constantly wears a pouting expression of frustration and looks like he is threatening to cry at any moment.Playing in New York, is a hard spot when not wanting to accept criticism, but accepting responsibility isn’t something he’s learned to do very well.

6. Vince Carter
New Jersey Nets. If there ever was a face to match the whine, it would be Vince Carter's. He's made it almost impossible to even watch the NJ Nets. While he is more than capable of being one of the NBA’s premier superstars, his childish antics on and off the court have left his followers with a very different image.Carter feeds off of every injury. A hard foul always draws at least a giant wince and usually turns into limping to the locker room, only to see him return minutes later at full strength. While most NBA players like a hard, tough image, the injury-prone Carter has softened his look on a number of occasions with off-court complaints. He once stated that he would never dunk again in Toronto. The cherry on top is Carter’s mother, who has often acted as his spokesperson. In the 2004 off-season, she demanded a trade on her son’s behalf.

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  1. Don't forget 'cry baby' himself, T.O. - The media should be a shame, sniffle, that my teammate.