High School

...last week begin the start of the twins descent into high school. It started off with their honor roll assembly, followed by incoming freshman meeting on Thursday. Earlier this month I attended a scholarship meeting that included about 30 people some of who arrived late. I figured such would be the case for the incoming freshman meeting. What was I thinking? The parking lot looked to be similar to a Friday night football game and the entire gym was almost at capacity.

The next day was 8th grade day, a day in which incoming 8th graders get to have a "short" day in the life of a student at the high school. A game was played in which all 200+ kids were expected to throw both shoes into the middle of the gym floor and then go search them out while meeting new people. The thing is Jalen had the classic vans on. You know the classic vans (black vans with white soles). So did about 20 other people. Although I had a carpool and took about 6 kids to 8th grade day I was happy to hear that they all new lots of kids and also met several new kids as well.

"Incoming week" ended as the boys took their placement test at 7:30 am Saturday morning. I was a bit nervous because I knew the test included a writing essay. The boys are not were I would like them to be in their essay writing but I didn't want to pressure them with last minute critiques of their writing skills. I gave them a few pointers and said a prayer.

Upon picking the boys up I was happy to hear that they said it was easier than they had expected it to be. They were smiling and happy to have it over. The rest is in the Lord's hands. We'll see in a few weeks which classes their tests enabled them to receive.

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