Obama and the Audicity of Hope

In July 2004 I watched BO electrify the Democratic National Convention with his address that spoke to Americans across the country. His main focus was what he called the "Audacity of Hope". Obama calls for a different style of politics. Politics that is rooted in faith, nobility of the spirit at the heart of our experiment with democracy. He dares to explore the forces, the fear of losing to the need to raise money to the power of the media that sometimes hurts the most well intentioned politician. I enjoyed reading the Auducity of Hope so much, and his self-deprecating humor, especially about settling in as a senator, trying to find balance with the demands of public service and family life, and his religious committments. Obama's vision of moving beyond "ourselves" to tackle problems was awesome. Especially touching on the growing economic insecurity we have reached, racial and religious tensions within politics, and terrorism beyond our nation. His discussions with how faith plays itself in politics was interesting, especially about how it must never intrude. (more on this late as the next few weeks shape the "new history" of the US)

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