Status Update...Road to NPC

The life of a figure competitor...my journey continues. So I just decided to put up a few of the recent happenings on my quest to make top 5. To those who are in the circuit Top 5 is what a competitor aspires for and after that the obsession takes over. Me, Nesha is a bit backward though so although I haven't had a top 5 call out, I have completely skipped that in my mind and have gone to the center spot.  I want the Top prize. The sword, the overall. I've become slightly insane in my journey too.

I'm the passenger in the car, looking out the window. No one need to ask me what I'm thinking about. They already know. My eyes wake up in the morning and I say "thank you Lord" in my mind and the next thought is "gotta go hard today". By nature I'm a little girl. Little, literally. I'm small boned, small muscled. The only thing big about me is my hands and my feet.  This is probably the toughest obession I could have picked up for several reasons. It's a dog fight EVERY single day to build this muscle, its expensive, it's time consuming. I don't care about any of that. I want the sword.

My mom flew back to Texas last week and before she departed she said that she thought broccolli was one of her favorite foods before visiting my house. She has grown to detest the smell of broccolli and grilled chicken. I'm sure the men in my house agree. Hey, if I gotta clean up turf beads and sweaty socks all day, they have to smell my clean food.  I'm ten weeks out from the Governor's Cup in Sacramento.  I see my body changing but not enough for me. I'm hoping I'll be more pleased in another two weeks or so. Time is growing short and I'm beginning to feel anxious. I know I need to unwind. All those who matter say I'm night and day from my last competition, however if it's not going to get me Top 5, it's worthless in my opinion.  Gotta go, time to eat.

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