I've Learned...

Thinking about my, i've learned yet, if it's changed...if it's the same. Contemplating this morning the many things I've learned:
-pain is weakness leaving your body...this ables to many kinds of pain

-God first, then family...period.

-a person will only do what you allow

-men are much slower at learning life lessons and applying them

-sometimes there are only temporary fixes.

-I posses something much deeper than appears to the naked eye, I finally know that

-love is a powerful thing. That's all

-you cannot change a person but you can be a person’s motivation to change

-set you boundaries early in a relationship and stick to them no matter what. If you don't, you'll regret it

-if you feel like someone is talking to you, most of the time they are

-children are such beautiful blessings

-GOD truly is LOVE

-it’s ok to cry

-relationships are about compromise, not sacrifice
-love does sometimes hurt

-credit is everything

-education is key

-people are always watching you, even when it doesn’t seem like it

-actions speak louder than words

-being independent is good but God created us to be Inter-dependent; NOT dependent, NOT CO-dependent (Joel Olsteen)

-some people just won’t ever get it

-intimacy = in to me see

-I have a deep affect on most people I encounter

-I can’t just give a little. It’s all or nothing

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