Love and Hip Hop...Wrong Time, Right Person?

I watched "Love and Hip Hop" (I think that's what it's called), the other night. VH1's new show on hip hop drama and love...blah blah blah...not that good. I can tell Jim Jones is a producer without seeing the credits just because there aint no way he'd set him self up to be on a camera that much if he didn't have a stake in the claim...anyway, Mashonda (Swizz's ex) is on there.  Yeah, you gotta feel bad for her but at the same time here are my thoughts on it...

People are so caught up in the notion of what life “should” be, they don’t know how to react when anything occurs that goes against it. Love, is like life and stuff happens. Not always in the clean orderly way that we’d like. They fell in love, period. The timing was off for the rest of the world, but right on time for them. Hell, I heard two tracks on Alicia’s album and knew “Oh wait. This ain’t frivolous. They think they’ve found the real thing.” You can hear it in her song.

Have they? Quite possibly. The notion that they’re doomed to “fail” is one that people make up to appease their personal sense of justice. So they didn’t do it the way YOU would have liked. Who the hell are you?

Maybe they’ll go the distance, maybe they’ll at least be the Black Brad and Angie for the next fews years, or maybe they won’t make it at all. Either way, that’s their journey. Their experience to take from it what they will. Everybody needs to have a Coke and a smile and relax...with them being married and a baby now, even Mashonda.

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