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I’m the It list
 I’ve always had the need for theme music. Perhaps it was the movies I watched as a little girl with those scenes of confident women strutting to tunes that sung their praises. I wanted to be one of those women whose entrance inspired music.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a band to follow me around through life. Nor do I have a Radio Raheem-like boombox to alert the world to my presence (though it seems that smart phones are the new ghetto blasters these days.). So I have to settle for the “I’m the It” playlist on my iPod, a playlist of songs to remind me of how fly and awesome I am on some days, even those days I have to sell myself on it. I keep a mental playlist of these songs as well and often sing them in my head when I’m feeling particularly amazing.

Everyone, male or female, should have an “I’m the It” playlist. Here’s what’s on mine:

Pretty Girls - Wale. This is kind of a no-brainer.

Caramel Remix - City High featuring Eve. “You can say I’m Plain Jane, but it’s not the same. I ain’t into big names, but I like nice things…” The “Regular Black Girl” anthem. lol

That Girl - Stevie Wonder. An oldie but goodie. Reminds me of my childhood.

Upgrade U - Beyonce featuring Jay-Z. As a woman, you can’t have a list like this and NOT include Bey. You just can’t.

Ya’ll Dead Wrong - Amil. Yes, I still listen to Amil. (Apparently, I’m the only one as I couldn’t find a clip of this song on YouTube. lol) This has been a staple since my high school days. “Cute as a button, can’t tell this broad nothin.” Haha.

Real Women - UGK featuring Talib Kweli and Raheem Devaughn. Any combination of Talib and Bun B is a good time, but this may be my favorite.

There She Goes - Babyface. “Her eyes, her smile, her skin, her smell, her hair… She’s incredible.”

Conceited - Remy Ma. This was my anthem in college. No one could tell me a damn thing. “You gotta have the mindstate like I’m so great. Can’t nobody do it like you do…”

Damn Girl - Justin Timberlake. “Don’t need no Maybelline. Cuz you’s a beauty queen. Don’t need no Loreal. Cuz bitch you’re bad as hell.” This warms my no make-up wearing heart. lol

Movin Cool (The After Party) - Outkast featuring Joi. “I could make a stone cold blind man see a better way…” This is a slept-on classic.

Headturner - Joss Stone. This is another one that I sing in my mind when I’m walking down the street.

Lights Out - Danity Kane. Ok first of all, RIP Danity Kane and eff you Diddy!! The first line of this song gets me. “I’m so hot when I walk, I leave smoke in my tracks…”

Ego - Beyonce. Predictable? Perhaps. But gets the job done nonetheless. “Some call it arrogant, I call it confident…”

Just a sample...I have many lists

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