Have you ever noticed, right before a challenge, we begin to breath deep, sometimes inhaling and those butterflies form in your stomache? Maybe in a subconscious attempt to gather one's mind beforehand and exhale whatever antagonist anxiesties that may exist.  Perhaps, to just for a moment brace ourselves for the full anticipation of what is coming and what must be done.  Funny thing is have you also noticed once the task is completed, the same deep breath happens? This must be the signal of a much-needed sigh of relief that it is complete.  In this exhale, it shows the importance of the task....the expel.

The beginning and the end of a personal journey are filled with deep breaths, throughout so many experiences lately I have been breathing deeply.

To a fault, I am a habitual thinker. I process every movement, every thought, every possible outcome, I throughly process a variety of thought more than the average person. Yes, it bodes well in certain areas such as my writing, my education, and sometimes my spirtuality...it rarely translates substanially in my everyday life. Throughout life I have over-analyzed everything.  Once you add this truth to the fact that I am a Capricorn, intense, black and white, zealous, one might see how easily it is for me to dwell on things and hold myself back from some many things in life. Often to the point in which I am without realization.
I guess this is like breathing, I suppose. It should be a natural act, something that we cannot live without. It hardly takes responsibility for our well-being, maintaining faith as well as perspective. All the while protecting the heart, navigating my endlessly thoughtful mind and avoid placing too much emphasis on too many insignficant matters.  So, nowadays amid the tendency to become too stressed over the inconveniences of life, I am doing my best to reach deep within myself and hold steadfast to my protagonist anchor in this ever changing world.

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