My love for Tupac - Likes/Dislikes

LIKEScritically-acclaimed body of work

fave movie: Juice/Poetic Justic - Tie
fave song: So Many Tears
Pac spoke truth, whether loved or hated

unmatched ability to convey raw emotion

personified the rose that grew from concrete

exceptional poet


a little Tupac in all of us

June 16, 1971: Afeni gave birth to hellraising, heavenly son

The Shining Serpent

hardheaded, troublesome

signed with Death Row Records

lived life as if he had nothing to lose

spoke entirely too much about death

trapped: searched for something that could not be found

never received the chance to meet him

September 13, 1996: The Day Tupac Died

cried like I had lost a brother

lived so fast, died so young

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