Feeling it lately...so many things I like, so many things I don't. I'm wishy washy lately. Happy then sad, Happy then angry, Sad then Happy, Irritated then annoyed...patience is little. Anyway...needed to post. Here goes. I need to get HAPPY again.

NBA Finals matchup: Durant vs LeBron (Get Him Durant)

Nutella is a great treat but it tastes like chocolate. I love it!
makes me want to get naked

this scene from Belly

inspired to blog, as of late. Thank you Hoodstruck
early morning cardio around the neighborhood


my new grill plates makes my talapia awesome
positive, motivating forces

changes in the mirror, makes me know I'm working.


running late. I don't like it, I hate it

people who knock, loudly

talk show hosts who rudely talk over guests

Boxing: Pacquiao robbed in title fight

my chocolate craving


people who believe Obama is trying to overthrow government

people who drink liquor until they pass out

they don't make songs like this anymore

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