Things I just don't understand...

• how and why Dr. Conrad Murray is on trial for the death of Michael Jackson, when MJ clearly embraced his spiral towards death

• Men. I thought I did, but I don't.

• Anyone who refers to themselves as a "Relationship Expert", and actually believes it

• Fact that talk show personality Wendy Williams has a live, breathing audience

• Black Entertainment Television airs the same movies, over and over and over again

• People who decline to order anything, yet, soon as your food arrives, they dig their hungry eyes into plate and point, "Let me see what that tastes like."

• why I don't have the patience to allow my phone to fully charge

• Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo. Still. Not sure if he even has himself figured

• why America creates its heroes, builds them up, only to rip every fiber of their being completely apart

• why people place expectations upon others, nevermind how unfair or unrealistic. Then, become unnerved when THEIR expectations aren't met

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