Was thinking this morning that everyone has tiny infactuations, some you share some you keep hidden.  Mine, a little of both I guess. Decided to share a few with my bloggers.  Things that make me secretly smile, giggle, blush and just say...DAMN!

My Secret Car Crush, the Ashton Marten, When the Lottery Hits and the Kid leave home.

First thing I'll have after shorts season is over. About 8 months away from that taste.

My watch fetish continues and one day I will buy myself that Cartier.

When he is on the screen the air leaves the room. His smile makes me smile at the screen, his style (whoa), his accent is panty wetting and his eyes say "come closer".

The baddest chick in the game. Don't hate her, that's hard work baby. Ava Cowan is in a class by herself.

I like her so much I posted her twice!

MaGhee naked, whoa! Peta knows how to run a campaign huh!?

That token gift you would never buy yourself. I look at this each month in Eastbay but I can't break down to buy them yet.

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