Slighty Schizophrentic or Completely Sane

Fried Ocra? NOT!Talapia is new to me. Are you close to your mother? Your father? Your sister? Your brother?Good friend? Good Father? Good Mother? Are you happy with your decisions? Can you live with them? Is this really real? Do you smile when you feel like frowning? Can you make a way when there is no way? Would you give anything for it? Do you miss her, miss her...or just miss her? Can I get just a little D...elicious buffalo wings? What happened to my ipod? A million trips to Target. Look in my eyes. Cheese. Don't touch that spot. That's my spot. My name is written in the sand. That's so special. I've learned a lot. Changed a lot. Grown a lot. I'm still the same. A college kid? Wow? Boy or Girl? Silence is golden. Who would have thought.

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