Obama...Change is here

To all who embraced changed from the beginning and knew that everything would be okay on June 3rd, today is our day. I went to sleep last night so proud of our country. I had no idea that 2008 would not only bring such a change a white WOMAN and a AFRICAN american competing to be the Democratic Candidate. Barack you have inspired the masses. You have inspired my own children. I am so happy to be able to tell CJ who asks me every morning "Mommy did Barack Obama win yet?", "almost baby, we are almost there". No matter what happens from this moment on, Michelle and Barack have made history. Bash him as you will, talk about his church, his father, his mother whatever you chose, but this is a man who knew his destiny from day 1. He's made sure that his kindergarten files are clean. Barack we honor you. Thank you for change.

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  1. I truly believe that change is upon us. I hope that it continues and change inspires the lives of others, before and after us.