Longing for the Days of Innocence

So lately, I've really begun to see the boys turn the corner...the corner to becoming young men. It makes me so nervous. I know I'm preparing them but it was so much safer when they were right here next to me. This weekend we went to a tournament in Reno. We stayed in Circus Circus and although the twins and several of their teammates hung out the whole time I was so nervous each time they left the hotel room. I watched them as they prepared to go out ironing their clothes, picking out shoes, brushing their hair (only to put a hat on). There was a time when they would stay in their basketball uniforms the entire weekend and I'd have to peel it off of their skin at the end of the weekend. Craig and I decided to do just a little spying to catch a glimpse of them in the arcade with the other million kids there and we finally found them. What were they do?....NOTHING, just walking around, hunging out, laughing at people passing by, flirting with girls, being kids. When I came back home I found out that there at being a fight this weekend between some of the local high school boys and a friend of Taylor's was hurt very badly during the altercation. This took me right back to my previous thoughts. I know we can't protect them all the time but I just worry so much about what may come when we are not around to protect them. I know they have to go out and have a life but I'm hoping to keep them near as long as possible....to be continued

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