Random Stuff

Jordan, Twin B, youngest of the twins is an interesting character. Has about 500 twitter followers. Constantly puts of his random thoughts. Little scary how many of his thoughts are relatable. Words cannot describe the joy I feel when I lay and talk to him and little to what an amazing kid he is. He has transformed into a man before my very eyes. I love all of my children and they all have unique personalities and traits but he is...different. His thoughts and analogies are entirely to mature for a young man of his age.

Words of Wisdom from mom - There will be women who will love you, but I am the only one who will love you from beginning to end.

Every so often you hear a song that takes you back...makes you feel perfectly innocent and relights your childhood.  I can close my eyes to EVERY single Maze song and just feel good. This is above all one of my favorites.

Whenever I am pumping gas and the numbers are moving extra slow, I feel like I have no choice but to stand there and suffer the wait (I'm usually in a huge hurry). I wonder if this is considered an exercise in patience.

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