Catch Up Time!

I have been horribly neglecting my blog. Seems life has not stopped for the past few months. I have to be somewhere in 30 minutes so I'll do my best to update what I can. The twins will be graduating in just over a month from high school. I'm a bit melancholy and a bit excited. They've settled upon Grambling State in Louisiana. I'm scared and excited for me. I'm proud and honored to have gotten to raise them and I'm horribly sad that their childhoods and getting to take care of them on a daily basis is coming to an end.
They liked the campus and many students approached them in that southern way and made them feel at home. Louisiana is far (big sigh) 

Last Saturday they went to the prom. They both looked so handsome and they didn't even complain much when I snapped a million pictures. I must admit they got their momma's genes and they make a tuxedo look GOOD! Their dates were cute and I was sad when thinking about this being the last highschool dance. I've tried to put their graduation invites together but everytime I do my eyes start watering and I have to stop.

Finally, mommy brought home a couple of trophies in my recent contests. The Governor's Cup was huge. I had about 80 people in my class. Not really but it felt like it and my non-smiling butt got lost in the crowd. The following weekend I pulled out two trophies, and I even managed to get an interview.

Next up is graduation. Not sure how I'll do on that day. I may need to purchase some water proof mascara, but just know that I will be proud no matter how I hold up.

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