Free Write

So we have this thing in school called Free Write. You remember it. It's wierd you don't edit, you don't think you just write. Got some things in my head. Need to free write today.  Some of it are facebook status's I would never say because I don't want people to think I'm crazy, conceited or just have too much time on my hands the way I believe about some of my facebook "friends". Here goes:

Senior year has been a little harder than I thought. I'm watching the boys grow before my eyes.  No one has asked me to help them with homework the whole year. I've gone into their room several times and said, "need help". The response...nope, I got it. (big sigh). "okay, well holler if you need me". Not even a glance of the shoulder. Might as well say "aight mom, bounce and shut my door when you leave". 

Jalen continues his quest as the feature back. My voice is gone again.  I've screamed like crazy the last two weeks and gotten light headed two weeks in a row from holding my breath and enormous, corn-fed, steroid "looking" defense boys attempted to take his head off. I find myself on pins and needles as he breaks tackles and runs the field. I can't breath while he's under the pile until I see his little mighty mouse body pop up.

At the same time, I determined to see my baby boy, twin B get his props and I nearly passed out last week each time a pass comes his way. It's week 2, an interception, Rivas style would be nice.  My issues with him are slightly different though.  He's a good kid but I see his inner struggle continues.  He's enjoying his body lately.  I've had to tell him a couple times, you ain't my man, go put some shorts on. Don't be running around the house in your drawers like you pay some bills here dude.  He's texting someone new. I haven't figured out who yet though. He's been particularly quiet about who it is. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it's no one from the past. I haven't met a girl who liked Jordan who I like yet (what, I'm just being honest).

Finally, I feel like if I could split myself in 3 there may be enough to do all the things I need to get done. One morning sleeping in would feel great but on mornings I think I can I remember something I have forgotten to do.  School, Training, Work, Jr Rams, Wardsports, House, Bills, Errands, Projects, The Bigs, The Littles. It don't stop.

On another note, no rebound...I'm still there. Gotta grow some muscle, but I'm still the hottest soccer mom...lol (my kids don't play soccer and I don't drive a mini-van).

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