The summer continues and life is going...spinning, faster and faster. My Vegas trip last week was nice but EXPENSIVE! Twin B's team lost the first game but went on to win 4 games and lost in the semis of bracket play.  In between games I proceeded to put a hurting on my wallet at the roulette table. 24 REFUSED to hit.  I hate to play the lines to just say in the game but my hard head lead to quick games and a whole in my pocket. I literally game back from Vegas with $10 bucks in my wallet. Shoulda stayed in the gym. 

Jordan was home the next day but 2pm and left at 5 am headed to Anaheim for the Best of the Best - Double Pump tourney. Since he barely noticed I was in Vegas except during games, I let him go to Anaheim this week by himself.  They are currently 2-0. I can't believe my baby checked in to a hotel by himself, took a tour of UCLA and could careless about his momma. This year is gonna be hard for me. Twin A is also out of town having a small vacation before the season begins too. The house is quiet but at least there is food in the cabinets.

Youth football has begun as well. Everyday is a scramble to get it together. I love the kids, like the parents and the vibe at the field is good. Praying to God that is stays that way.

Finally, training continues on my continued journey to become a National Figure Competitor. Lots of things going on. Diet for muscle building is interesting. I hope the pancakes continue.  Training is intense. Feeling more tired lately, but my health seems good. My back is still bothering me a bit but only when I'm standing. As long as I'm moving, training, doing cardio or wearing heels it's fine. It's truly RETARDED and IRRITATING! I'm still in love and excited about everything happening with my body. Most days I look in the mirror and I'm still amazed. Can't wait to see the rest.

Anyway, life is good. Happy and blessed.

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